Patented PV Booster™ generates 30% more energy, delivers 20% better economics

Patented PV Booster™ generates 30% more energy, delivers 20% better economics

PV Booster™ is the only dual-axis solar tracker designed and built for the commercial rooftop and solar carport* sector.

Better Economics with PV Booster
Modelled with NREL PVWatts®/Sandia reference algorithms and Edisun Microgrids, Inc. proprietary performance data. IRR rates are unlevered.

*Carport structure designed by Gossamer Space Frames
PV Booster optimizes energy capture throughout the day regardless of the time of day, latitude, or time of year. The largest component cost of all PV systems is module investment so continuously pointing them directly at the sun improves the bottom line.

PV Booster generates 30% more kWhr/year

Energy Generation Comparison
Tracking systems dominate the ground-mount market, and almost 90 percent of all systems now include trackers because of the strong economic benefits. In contrast, the rooftop and carport markets have not been able to take advantage of trackers because of weight, size, mounting, and wind issues.

For the first time in the industry, PV Booster solves all of those issues, allowing building owners to gain all the advantages of tracking energy boost. As a result, PV Booster generates 30% more energy for the same installed nameplate capacity. Alternatively, you can lower the system's power, and decrease your capital investment, yet generate the same annual energy production. Both approaches lower the cost of the resulting energy and improve project economics.

Product Details

Our engineers have designed and built a safe product that delivers energy gain while being reliable and durable.
Dual-axis tracking
Tilt View

Dual-axis tracking

The dual-axis tracker keeps the PV module optimized throughout the day regardless of the time of day, latitude, or time of year, assuring optimum energy capture. PV Booster uses proprietary azimuth-altitude tracking which allows the pivot point to be low to the structure, eliminating the infrastructure of conventional tracker installations.
Low wind profile

Low wind profile

Embedded intelligence allows PV Booster to automatically retract modules at night and during high wind. In addition, PV Booster's low-to-the-structure design imparts superior wind resistance.
Easy Installation

Easy installation

PV Booster lays out quickly in a grid-like pattern similar to a conventional PV module installation. Flexible mounting systems are employed to accommodate varying conditions. Additionally, for roof installations the ballast is adjustable to site conditions and local codes. Our trackers come equipped with a terminated network cable so it's plug and play with no wires to strip up on the roof.


PV Booster is made from marine grade aluminum and stainless steel. Its direct drive design eliminates the need for a gearbox and the brushless DC motor has a 20 year life. PV Booster's thoughtful implementation mitigates reliability concerns and yields an ultra-low-maintenance solution.
Integrated array controller

Integrated array controller

Our embedded sensors determine the position of each module based on sun position and inter-panel shading. Each module is then automatically positioned to optimize energy production. PV Booster seamlessly communicates with your SCADA and other systems.

Case Studies

Download our case studies that illustrate the energy output and associated economics of PV Booster versus 10° fixed-tilt systems.
Case Study Building
Conventional Fixed-Tilt Case Study
PV Booster Case Study

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Edisun Microgrids
PV Booster is a product of Edisun Microgrids, Inc.
The PV Booster technology was developed by Edisun Microgrids, Inc. and is the brainchild of Bill Gross, founder of renowned technology incubator, Idealab. Bill has founded many innovative companies, including several in solar energy such as eSolar®, RayTracker™, Thermata™, and EI Solutions™. With its patented technology, Edisun Microgrids is poised to fulfill the commercial industry's unmet need for solar energy.